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The Ordinary Skincare | Tried and tested

These products get the job done. The price point is outstanding, and the entire range caters to maintaining a consistent skincare routine.

I had one skin care goal this year – healthy glowing skin that would look good with or without makeup.

My daily makeup routine is effortless, concealer, brows, mascara, highlighter and a lip balm. It is really just to hide my dark circles and emphasise the natural glow of my skin.

Even when my makeup is a little more dramatic, it is all about accentuating my natural features. I have natural dark circles around my eyes, and quite often I use this to my advantage as a "natural" eyeshadow.

But my skin health is my focus. A good 75% of the week you will find me with just a serum, moisturiser and serum on my face as I work away.

What is my goal with my skin health?

Especially for my face, it is to keep it nice and plump.
Dryness is an issue for me, especially as the seasons' transition.
My forehead can get oily if my routine isn't aiding my skin.
When I wake up, I want a hydrated feeling, not greasy skin.
Keeping my pores tiny is an obsession for me.
Having a natural glow – however, this is also affected by diet and exercise.

The Ordinary Skincare – What's great about this range

I have been using The Ordinary skin care for about three months now. I have been using a combination of serums and natural moisturiser from the range.

I can tell that the hype around these products is well earned.

These products get the job done. The price point is outstanding, and the entire range caters to maintaining a consistent skincare routine.

The serums

What I look for in serum is something that really helps my skin look firmer and radiant over time. With a serum, I am also looking for something that smooths my skin, makes my pores appear smaller and hydrates my skin.  I don't like a serum that just sits.

The Ordinary serums (they have a range that caters to different needs) almost dissolve into the skin. They have a little bit of stickiness to it but don't remain sticky on the face.


The moisturiser

I am very picky with moisturiser. I like lightweight yet nourishing formulas that I can wear at home, out and about and to the gym.

The Ordinary moisturiser delivers just that. I wear it every day, and the best thing is that the formula doesn't go greasy as the day progresses.

How I used the serums?

The Ordinary serums are the first ever that I have regularly used in my skincare routine. I used a couple of them one after the other, and it is to your skin type what works best for you but what I noticed made a real impact to my skin over the last 3 months was keeping it consistent.

I cleanse every morning, follow with toner and then I use one of the serum before moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup. I do the same at night time, cleanse and serum before night creams and eye cream.


The difference with a consistent skin care routine

Having used the serums consistently for 3 months, my skin looks and feels firmer. My pores, especially on my forehead which was my problem area are tinier than ever. My moisturiser is working better for me, keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. Even my dark spots and blemish marks are visibly reduced. I'm wearing less makeup product on my skin and for the amount that I do wear it sits so much smoother on my skin.

I am so happy with The Ordinary and will definitely continue investing – the serums especially have become a staple in my routine and work so well with whatever I add to my skincare routine.

You can purchase The Ordinary from

Tell me in the comments what is a staple in your skin care routine.


Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these products from The Ordinary in exchange for a review. All opinions are genuine are my own after having tried the product. 

3 comments on “The Ordinary Skincare | Tried and tested

  1. Kez | acaciasdreams

    I love your goals! I think I may have to steal them, I’ve been so lazy with my skincare recently, and it has definitely let me know about it!! Xx

    Kez |


    • Thanks Kez 😊 go ahead… oh no that’s why I like to keep things simple and not complicate my skincare. I would rather have a simple and easy to do routine that works rather than a tedious routine that is just a headache.


  2. I’m obsessed with the hyaluronic acid and lactic acid from The Ordinary. The lactic acid is a nice gentle peel in the evenings and the hyaluronic acid keeps my skin plump allllllllll day!

    Sharni xo


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