Second Nature Botanicals​

This is honestly what is so great about the Second Nature products. They are so versatile and good for you and your space.

For as long as I can remember Sunday in my family household is about cleaning and getting ready for the week ahead. The floors are mopped, the counters are sparkling, dishes are put away, sheets are clean, there’s incense in the air and the piles of laundry are packed away.

There is a great sense of satisfaction settling in on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV; some of my family working while others eating and a calm in the air of just enjoying the space we call home.

And it has always been like this in our home, I remember the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” recited to us in primary school and growing up in an Asian family this saying could not be more exacting because when the house is clean, mama is happy and so the family is happy.

For me, I need everything in place all around the week otherwise I am havoc. I take pride in the effort we have put into making our home so when I come home I want to enjoy and relax. This is why during the week I do have a few tricks up that help me clean up quickly before I leave for class or meetings.

I stumbled upon Second Nature Botanicals during my collab with Splendour Box and then again at Exhale Mindfulness Meditation Studio.


The first product I ever tried from Second Nature Botanicals was the Natural Disinfecting Spray. I posted in it all over my Instagram as part of the Splendour Box collab but I was so glad when Second Nature got in touch because I genuinely loved this product. I use it on everything, from my kitchen counter to my cabinet surfaces, my hallway mirror and even my technology. I have been using the disinfecting spray to clean my laptop and iPad for months.

I could not be happier to have found such a great disinfecting spray. My fear of using a chemical based disinfecting spray is the chemicals. I don’t want to be constantly in contact with my desk surface or my laptop keyboard for knowing that chemicals will be a harm to my skin. I often eat at my desk and ingesting traces of chemicals is even worse.


Having a plant and mineral based spray puts me at ease in more than one way. The fact that it is in a spray bottle means I can give my space a quick wipe down after I have finished working and all is good.

The next product that I was so excited to try for myself was the citrus fragrance. I first tried this at my meditation studio, Exhale and just had to request it for this collab with Second Nature.


I mean what’s better than having a clean house, a clean house that smells divine. I am so sad because I completely used up my bottle within the first couple of weeks after receiving it.  I used it everywhere; my couch, my linen and bedding for a spritz in the air and to wake myself up after a day on my laptop.

This is honestly what is so great about the Second Nature products. They are so versatile and good for you and your space. Just check out some of this amazing reviews on their website.

What I absolutely LOVE is that the bottles are refillable, I mean can it get better.

Discover for yourself.

Happy cleaning,

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products for review on my blog but all opinions are my own. 

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