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Instagram! Instagram! Instagram!
It is one of those platforms that I believe has evolved because of the people using it.

instagram-themes-dynamique-blog-14My first gram went out on January 17, 2013, it got 4 likes. It had 3 hashtags, that classic black border, those Lo-Fi hues and overly blurred background.

Over the past 5 years, I have tried everything, from white bordered squares to layouts, VSCO, Facetune, Boomerang, Video, Gifs, B&W feed, color picking, screenshots, regram/ reposts and even those reflected photos and layered photos.

I posted 4 times today across two accounts with entirely different motives.
Combined these 4 posts received well over 1500 impressions in less than 12 hours.

The last two posts of the day;

On @sameeraafzaal I posted a Boomerang promoting my Instagram Story over on @dynamiqueblog and on @dynamiqueblog I had a little sneak peek at this blog post.
Do you see the strategy there 🙃

Linking one audience to the next and then my blog audience to my website.
These posts will be up all night and guaranteed will convert to more views on the Instagram Story and website overnight.

instagram-themes-dynamique-blog-13And this is like second nature to me now,
I see my social media as a CIRCLE 🔑, a MULTI-CHANNEL NETWORK
At each point, your audience should be able to link to what you are doing and then to the next thing. From your website to Instagram, from your Facebook Page to your mailing list.

Start posting strategically and working smart on your Instagram and you’ll see automatically how this impact your numbers and grows your conversions.

This is exactly what #TECHTUESDAY is about. I want to share with y’all things that I have taught myself and discovered through research. I share a passion for this and I want Y’all to use these to benefit your businesses, blogs, social media networks and more.

For the next couple of weeks, the series will focus on Instagram

Apps, tricks, and tips all to do with this platform.
The aim is to help y’all with your content and most importantly help you find your style on the gram. So make sure you subscribe as each post will build on the last.

Let’s get started.


Do you remember those days when you would put up a quick iPhone photo with the Valencia filter?

Oh, dear old Valencia! You were so good to us…
We are long past those days now.
Believe it or not, Valencia got me my first 80 likes on a double denim gram.

Hands up if you have ever deleted a photo from your feed because it doesn’t sit quite right with everything else?
Hands up if you have 50 edits of the same photo on your camera roll?
Hands up if you get a “Storage is full” notification every other hour because of your camera roll?

Alright now let’s get you working smart with Instagram Theme
How to find an Instagram Theme and develop it for your content

  1. Do your desktop research = DO NOT BUY all the filter packs 
    This is so simple and what it leads you to is a gold mine
    All the hard work of trying to find out the perfect filters is done for youClick on “Images”

    ***More combinations on the Google Search

    The key is that these combos give you the right filter combinations that work to make your feed look beautiful especially with those on the go photos from events or out and about. You will naturally gravitate to the themes you like and this will help you narrow down your preferences to color and style. And therefore invest in the filter packs you will actually use.

  2. Video tutorials
    There are countless video tutorials on YouTube on how to choose an Instagram theme and build your feed accordingly.
  3. Blending your Boomerangs, videos and professional photographs into your theme
    Alternate the posts is my answer. I never put a VSCO filter on a photo taken on a camera that is not my iPhone. My Boomerangs and videos are often unretouched just filmed with as much natural light as possible.

Ok y’all, that is it with the Instagram Themes
It is simple and I want y’all to go explore your own Instagram theme style before next week because next week we will be exploring Instagram editing through apps like VSCO and Facetune for that on the go content.


Images sourced via Pinterest

12 comments on “Instagram Themes

  1. Thank you for this! This is something I really need to look into as my instagram isn’t cohesive. It’s hard because part of my branding is that not everything’s meant to be perfect, but I’m so drawn to cohesive instas that I end up posting the same sorts of overly posed flat lays. Having a theme will be a great way forward for me to vary my content but still make it look like it flows together and fits my brand. You’re a gem and thank you for sharing your wisdom!


  2. Love this article babe! Well done x


  3. Thank you for these amazing tips! I’m looking forward to reading more of your Tech Tuesday posts 🙂


  4. Thanks for this! I love it


  5. I love this! I have honestly never considered colour themes on my blog, until now! I can’t wait to see what else your Tech Tuesday’s bring us!

    Laura ||


  6. Awesome post girl. I remember how excited I was the day I typed Instagram themes into Pinterest and realised it gave you all the necessary combos to get the theme. I’ve spent hours playing around with filters but I find my theme sort of develops and changes naturally depending on the type of content I’m uploading 🙂

    Amy //


  7. My little love story

    This was such a great read. I have looked at organising my insta feed. I should start doing more seriously. Looking forward to more amazing info in the next post xx


  8. This was an interesting read!! I’ll definitely read the next installments!


  9. Defo need to think about things after reading this thank you for sharing x


  10. LikeAVegan

    Some great tips here!!!


  11. I looooove the idea of a theme – and I try so so hard to make my feed look cohesive!

    Sharni //


  12. Wow this is such a good post and something I never considered! And agreed, it can be so hard to get a cohesive theme and have your photos matching!


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