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Blogging motivation 101 + Bloggers United Au

How to stay motivated in your blogging journey and create good content regularly


This past weekend I attended the Bloggers United AU’s second Birthday Bash at the Perth Lush store. Such a fantastic event for an equally if not more fabulous blogging community.

I have met so many amazing bloggers through the BUA events. Last year I was invited to be on the BUA event panel as a lifestyle blogger. I had the opportunity to speak about what motivates me to blog and share every day, and then I joined Nikita from Loreal Professional l to speak about how an influencer can curate their online images, media kits, ways to build an influential audience and how to collab with brands. I have been saving this post since and have finally found a chance to share this.

I have been keeping this post since the event last year and have finally found an opportunity to share.

But first here are a few moments from the BUA Birthday Bash

LEFT TO RIGHT – Feeling Younger, Cupcake

Making and trying the Cupcake mask


I wanted to share the few tips of “blogger motivation” that I shared with the  blogger squad on the day;

  1. Find inspo in everything
    Inspiration is often what gets us creators in a muck of thoughts, and it hits right at that time when we have deadlines or need to keep up with content.
    I have been victim to this procrastination syndrome many a time. So these are my few tips on how to get over it and consistently create.

    Pins and saves
    Use Pinterest mood boards to brainstorm your content. Fashion/ beauty bloggers look at what kind of shots are trending and what people like to see on blogs. Use this to create a content calendar to have a consistent flow of content and not have lumps of content. Use Instagram save feature to save things you like. Use these two points as practice tools to build your perspective.

    YouTube and video in general (Snapchat, Instagram Story) are great to see what others are saying, new trends and generally gather great inspo of how new styles of content are coming about.

    Visit websites
    Visit websites of bloggers you love. Check out how they

    Use your surroundings
    Ain’t no better way to get inspo than from what’s around you. Grab a pal and go for Sunday brunch and a stroll around town. Take a morning off and explore something you’ve seen on the gram.

    *** The more you expose yourself to different styles, content ideas and creators, the more you will discover your style and build from it.

  2. Squad up
    Ain’t nothing better than a squad.
    Whenever I have been in a content rut I have met up with a few creatives for what I call “LAPTOP CLUB” check it out here

    More so if you work during the week this is a good way to meet up with some creatives and get through some content. Get some early brunch and then shoot some content for each other. Make it a weekly or fortnightly ritual which will help you stay on top of collab projects and staying consistent with content.

    If you have too many ideas to execute, then make a list of your ideas and consider collaborating with a photographer (exchange of services or payment). This is how I have been working since mid-2015. I make a list every week of social and blog content I need professional photography for then catch up with Pia from P.S.Smile Production for a couple of hours to shoot everything for the coming week.

  3. Create 
    Very simple but just start writing or sharing. Try share at least 3 times a week on your socials if you are busy. You will notice that once you get the hang of creating content quickly you will be sharing more and often.

    More so if you want to collab with brands, then you need to have content on your platforms to show what you can do.

    My advice set aside 2 hours on the weekend and just create one post to start off. Trust me as you start finding your rhythm, you’ll be able to create much more in 2 hours.

  4. Connect
    In every year of your blogging journey, connecting and networking will help you reach your goals.

    Networking // invited to an event 
    Make an effort to meet the host and thank the host before you leave or via email. It is good manners, and good manners make people remember you.

    At any industry event, you literally have a pool of opportunities. Make an effort to introduce yourself to someone you are standing or sitting next too. Many of my collabs have come from me saying hello to someone. You literally have nothing to loose if you are humble and genuinely want to connect with fellow colleagues.

    Swap social handles with the few people you’ve met at each event and support your industry squad.

    Networking // online
    If you want to grow your audience internationally, you need to connect and network through your gram and other blogging platforms. You can easily subscribe to blogs that you like. Make an effort to comment and like content.  I have a subscription come straight to my inbox and catch up with content in my own time. I have post notifications on for some Instagram accounts, so I engage with their content more regularly. This has really helped my audience expand.

    Get involved in Facebook groups like Bloggers United Au and their comment threads. I have met and followed so many lovely creatives from this group that I support every day and who support my content too. This motivates me to keep creating.

    Networking// with PR
    Create a media kit. There are several videos online and great templates on from which you can easily put together a great media kit within a matter of hours. There are also services available to bloggers to get you media kits made for you. Don’t be afraid to drop a company an email and propose a collaboration. Furthermore don’t be afraid to connect with PR companies on Instagram. There are services such as Social Diary that give you access to brand/ PR management contacts. And PR websites often have client portfolios. Use Instagram tags and searches to your advantage to sought our brand management for particular products and direct your media queries appropriately.

  5. Remember 10K is just a number 
    I mentioned this in the speech. The gist was, basically, don’t let the numbers get the better of you. Set yourself goals to have a stronger presence but don’t spend all your time on this. Making genuine and authentic connections with your followers and colleagues is much more worthwhile in the long run for your motivation and growth overall.


Thank you once again to Bloggers United AU for having me at your incredible events and wishing you all the best for your third year.

The points I have shared today have been built upon from what I shared on the event day. I  have used these tips to grow my platform over the last few months and become more consistent with my content. Getting to those numbers and collaborations through sharing what I love.


11 comments on “Blogging motivation 101 + Bloggers United Au

  1. SAMEERA omg this is a fabulous article! Firstly, as co-founder of BUA I wanna say a huge thanks for not only coming along and sharing your knowledge, but for being so inspirational! I would love to share your article on our website if that’s ok with you? xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How much fun were the events though!!! Love all these tips, it’s always so good hearing from other bloggers on what their top tips are!

    Laura ||


  3. So many fab tips gurl xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I saw so many instastorys about the event, it looked awesome! Also some great tips girl!

    Amy //


  5. Lots of accurate tips! But I was way to distracted by everything Lush. One of my favorite businesses out there.


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