INSTAGRAM #GIRLBOSSES you need to follow today #IWD

Hola at the #girlboss squad



I am so excited to share this post,

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.”

Over the last year, my Instagram has become more than just a place where I post photos.

It has provided me with the incredible opportunity to connect with beautiful women and #girlbosses that inspire me every day through their content and work.

More so I love that I can meet these women and converse about all sorts of stuff.

So this International Women’s Day I wanted to give a massive shoutout to these babes and highlight how my social media has actually enabled me to connect with just some epic visionaries that change and inspire every single day.

Now, this little list is not even close to the number of women I follow every day that inspire me. So I will continue this little shoutout series monthly and divide into categories such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle 😀


Alda and Sammy are two of the most gorgeous and down to earth ladies I have ever met. They have some amazing style and their Perth boutique stores the most fabulous shoes. Their Instagram feed is on point. The middle picture is where I styled their shoes and bag during Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016. Follow them on @elle_et_lui_designer_shoes


Meet Souzi, one of the most insightful people I have has the pleasure to get to know.I helped Souzi launch Above Conversations and she is absolutely SLAYING. She is such an inspiration, always ready to learn and grow. Follow on @aboveconversations


Claire is the coolest DJ, and I feel so cool every single time I get to chat with her. Her fashion is as sick as her beats. The moment I met her I wanted to feature her on the blog but just didn’t have a chance. Follow on @dj_fadj


Tina aka @theprboss is someone I aspire to be. I have yet to meet Tina, but her journey, vision, and work at her company Sydney PR are my biggest inspirations in my PR journey. Follow on @theprboss @sydneypublicrelations


Miss Grace is the cool chic that you wanna know. This girl is so talented. We shot some amazing content together last year that I am so excited to be sharing soon. Follow on @gracerobinson @thestreetstylefiles


Danica is such a talented young lady. I started following Danica early last year but only got the chance to meet her this year at an event and then an internship. Such a fun loving soul this lady is. And her gram is going to give you some serious foodie envy. Follow on @danicazuks


Meet Jacqueline and her walking tour business Eat The Street. I have been interning at this summer and have had so much fun learning from Jacqueline. She is doing some exciting things, give her a follow and get onto one of her exciting tours today. HINT, so much food involved. Follow on @eatthestreetjacqs


Sarah is one of the funniest ladies I know. I love her perfectly curated Perth Pop page which has a brand spanking new website that y’all should check out for the best recommendations in town. And her personal feed is a minimalist dream. Follow on @perth_pop @sarah__who


Sarah, one of two from @foodstagramperth is my best and my Sagittarian soul sister. Sarah runs the account with her bf and bff, and I think most of her shares are perfect date night spots. Follow on @foodstagramperth


Now, shout out to the biggest OG. My girl Pia is behind most of my blog imagery. This girl is talented, fresh out of uni and on an epic mission to make a great living out of inspiring and creating through her talent. Follow on @p.s.smileproduction

Can’t wait to share more stuff like this,


10 comments on “INSTAGRAM #GIRLBOSSES you need to follow today #IWD

  1. I love that Souzi has made in onto the list! So many inspiring girlbosses here to learn from!

    xoxo, Jo Goh

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  2. Love this post so much!! Definitely found some new gorgeous accounts to follow!

    Laura || xx

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  3. Love this post! You are amazing GF X

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  4. Some awesome accounts here I’ll have to check them out!!!

    Amy //

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  5. Wow what a fab post! So many inspirational ladies right here!!

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