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2017 Wardrobe sorted // Shop my unworn closet with Carousell

Shop my unworn closet


I am sending all you amazing people good vibes, love, success, health, wealth, blessings and SWAG for the new year.

If you follow me on Snapchat ‘dynamiqueblog,’ you’d have seen that my family and I are doing a massive clearout of our family home while redecorating and renovating some of our space.

This means that a good chunk of my wardrobe is up for grabs.
Pieces I have never worn before or worn once at most.
All kept in excellent condition and ready to be shipped out or picked up immediately.

I just wanted to take a minute and share all the shop links here with y’all.
I will only be holding onto everything for a few more days before donating most of the items.

All prices are negotiable, just hola at me.

Here is my Carousell link Β @closet94

I am also sharing my sister’s Carousell link @uzmaafzaal
She has some amazing sneakers as well as brand new clothing




2 comments on “2017 Wardrobe sorted // Shop my unworn closet with Carousell

  1. jennaruthflood

    I’m following you now! Shall keep my eye on your listings :p Carousell is so good!

    Ironic Minimalist | Style Blogger |

    Liked by 1 person

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