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A day in my life w/ aussie9to5jobs

What happens when I take over #aussie9to5jobs Snapchat #adayinmylife


Hope you are all well,

Now I don’t know how to begin this post without acknowledging the fact that I forgot to give a nod to Cookie Lyon aka QUEEN aka Taraji P. Henson when I was asked about my Top 3 Style Icons on my Snapchat Takeover for ‘aussie9to5jobs’. However, I am glad I have the opportunity now to do so HAHAHA #ohsameera

On Thursday 1st September I got the most exciting opportunity to kick off a series of takeovers on the ‘aussie9to5jobs’ Snapchat account. The account set up by Beacham Group is a somewhat speed networking and a collaboration platform that allows entrepreneurs, creatives, and hustlers to speak about what their successes and knowledge. The platform encourages its community to send in questions and followers get to ask one on one what steps they could take to reach a goal or reach a particular stage in their career. Employers and recruiters also use the platform to scout for talent. For entrepreneurs, it is essentially exposure, contacts and gives fellow budding entrepreneurs an insight into the industry. It is essentially a platform for professionals and go-getters meeting and collaboration on a quick and cool platform.

Here is my takeover,


aussie_9_to_5_jobsIf you are an entrepreneur, business owner, creative and would like to be on a Snapchat takeover for the ‘aussie9to5jobs’ accounts then send them a direct message on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Scan the snapcode on the left to add ‘aussie9t05jobs’ on Snapchat. There is a new takeover every day.

While we are talking Snapchat here, it gives me a chance to weigh in on the Instagram Story vs. Snapcat debate. What Instagram has managed to do is completely commercial the video marketing arena that Snapchat established. Snapchat’s filters are great but what drives brands and creators is the audience reach which on Instagram you can ultimately capitalize on existing followers. Snapchat has no discovery feature and therefore it is harder to harness an audience/ fan base there. I have tried Instagram Story on @dynamiqueblog, and it is great, and the reach is fantastic, but I am an OG Snapchat girl. I have been on the Snapchat wagon from its early days, and I still back it. I am more sincere, open, and less “brand” curated on Snapchat and incredibly proud of the community of creatives and hustlers I have been able to build and network with on Snapchat. I think as the week’s pass, and the dust settles both Snapchat and Instagram Story will be going head to head for a while with some endorsing Instagram as a dominant communication platform while others using both for different audiences. I am quite intrigued and excited to see what Evan Spiegel and his team are planning to the next level Snapchat upgrade.



6 comments on “A day in my life w/ aussie9to5jobs

  1. jenellewitty

    HAHAHA I have no idea who those style icon people are, lost in translation! No, I do know roughly who one is but I hate her. I just don’t get it. You have so much energy Sameera!
    All the best with your final year at Uni!
    xx Jenelle

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  2. Loved watching your snapchat takeover 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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