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What I wore, lace and leather

What I wore to the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Program Launch.

ootd-tpff2016-17ootd-tpff2016-15ootd-tpff2016-21ootd-tpff2016-11ootd-tpff2016-10ootd-tpff2016-6ootd-tpff2016-8ootd-tpff2016-16ootd-tpff2016-14ootd-tpff2016-18ootd-tpff2016-20Leather jacket – General Pants Co
T-shirt – Pigeonhole
Skirt – Zara
Bag – Colette by Colette Hayman
Sunglasses – MinkPink
Shoes – Windsor Smith
Earrings & Ring – Colette by Colette Hayman

Photographed by Andrea Lewin from @fashionaddictedpanda at the 2016 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Program Launch.

Hey y’all,

How y’all doing? So much has been happening, the Pokemon craze is taking over supermarket aisles, Instagram was shady or was it, and Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is back with some pretty iconic edge.

This past Tuesday I was invited to the launch of this year’s #tpff2016 program at the AGWA (Art Gallery of Western Australia). I am very excited for #tpff2016 this year, and it’s not only because of the fashion lineup but also the major statement that the location makes. The vibrant culture hub, AGWA is the epitome of bridging gaps between artistic decades and cultural influence through expression. Having part of the #tpff2016 lineup showcased within the AGWA building is going to be ICONIC, and more so, more than ever will mesh the spectacular of fashion and art.

My outfit was inspired by a lot of street style  I have been encountering lately. I have been into the bodycon thing, so I started with the skirt, and the lace inspired the leather addition. The embroidery on the top adds a little fun, and the earrings were Gary Pepper Girl aka Nicole Warne inspired. And of course, I had to throw on some sneakers.

We stopped over at Tiisch for lunch, a place  which is quickly becoming one of my favourites as seen on my Snapchat and Instagram ‘dynamiqueblog’.

MEGA shoutout to @fashionaddictedpanda and @theglamwhisperer for an epic lunch date and all the cool photos that made this post happen.





2 comments on “What I wore, lace and leather

  1. Love your style! Random question time, was the doughnut from Tiisch? It looks divine 🙂

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