Why I am supporting @lovethreadproject

Let's unite for the final hours of the LTP "Dream Without Limits" crowdfunding campaign and get behind a crew that have a vision and are making great change to many lives.


“Please do everything you possibly can in one lifetime.” Kanye West

I was faced with a very bizarre predicament earlier this week. At a coffee catch up, I was asked to list 100 things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime. On the spot, 100 things seemed daunting but in retrospect, there are possibly 20 things I think of daily that I want to create and do and see so why was it difficult when I was asked at this moment?

I want you to take a moment and think of the things you would have on a “lifetime list.” What do you want to see, experience, do or even give?

I  live by a simple mantra, “Do what you want to do and what you can do!” By God’s will and the support of my family and squad I have been blessed to take on many chanllenges that have led to opportunities. I am always thankful that I have enough to live a fulfilled life and in many chances give back too. I began volunteering at a very young age, my first gig was collecting funds for charity in primary school, in high school, I was in almost every community committee possible and University, I volunteered for with the student hub and eventually the student guild and my faculty societies.

So circling back to why it was difficult for me to list 100 things, it is because I have never waited to do something, especially be a part of something that can make someone else’s life better or make someone smile.

And this ideology of doing something instead of just talking about it is what @lovethreadproject is built on.

Love Thread Project’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for local charities that support women at risk. The LTP crew led by @lovethread’s Angeline Llyod fuels its mission through education, restoration, and empowerment.

LTP works across several platforms to achieve its mission. The Dreamers Collective workshops is a platform for creatives, influencers, and businesses to collaborate and connect with like-minded people in the industry. 100% profits from the workshops go towards funding restoration programs for young women at risk in Bali. I mean how amazing is that, creating a space for dreamers to create which leads to creating more opportunities for others.

LTP’s second initiative is Love Thread & Co. a fashion label with a social footprint. A project built on collaboration with existing fashion enterprises to combat modern slavery. Just like the dreamers t-shirt that I am wearing in this post all of Love Thread & Co. ‘s garments are made from sustainable materials and methods. It is #fashionforgood that takes a holistic approach to highlighting our social responsibility to ensure our fashion consumption does not come at the cost of the exploitation of others. And 50% of the profits from Love Thread & Co. goes towards LTP’s fashion program to support their artisans. You can pledge for a “dreamers shirt” through there crowdfunding listed below.

Now the final initiative is the “Dream Without Limits” crowdfunding campaign which is now in its final few hours to reach its $30,000 goal and this is where I am going to ask you amazing people to get involved.


There are so many people, especially in the current political climate that want to take action  and start making some good. Well y’all! here is something that is making a lot of good.

I support the LTP squad. I am more than honoured and proud to call this crew of amazing people, my friends. What they are doing is not easy. I follow their journey throughout their online platforms and when you see how hard they work it is the real hustle. This crew is investing their time, money and effort to make someone else smile, to make someone else’s life better and are enabling dreamers to florish.

This is why I support @lovethreadproject

I like to think of the DYNAMIC squad as dreamers and part of successful entreprenurial hustle is philanthrophy; thinking of others and essentially how to contribute to the environment around us for a better world.

 As Sir Richard Branson says, “If you aren’t making a difference in other poeple’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business-it’s that simple.”

So I am giving a hola to my humble community of hustlers here let’s unite for the final hours of the LTP “Dream Without Limits” crowdfunding campaign and get behind a crew that have a vision and are making great change to many lives.

I have pledged and you can pledge here.

This is an all or nothing campaign so lets get make the LTP crew’s efforts count and get them to $30,000. Remember every dollar counts and what counts more is your support and you can pledge from wherever you are in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.02.52 PM

Thanks y’all and STAY DYNAMIC,


Photos by Pia from P.S. Smile

3 comments on “Why I am supporting @lovethreadproject

  1. Wow this sounds amazing, I’ll be heading to their website now to check it out.

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    • Definitely check it out Amy and check out their Facebook. They are doing so many amazing things. I was at their workshop last week and it was about collaboration and networking. Learnt so much and got to meet so many amazing creatives. It is really such a great initiative because they are putting what they know and their community to make good which is amazing.

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