Tinder for your inbox

Uncluttered your inbox, set alerts when needed and make your work time work for you.

UNCLUTTER YOUR INBOX #nojunkmail #byefelicia

There’s nothing like sieving through all your subscription emails to find the emails that need your attention.  It is time-consuming and time inefficient. YES! It is both.

It is time-consuming because there could be only ten emails where there are 100. And it is time inefficient because you are not only spending time seeking the work that needs attention but subscription mail also comes with click-throughs that can become a procrastination browsing hazard.

So for today’s tech tip, I am sharing how I manage my inboxes. I love my subscription mail. Some of my faves are, HubSpot, Highsnobiety, L2News, Buzzfeed Food, Refinery29, Nasty Gal, Aesop and MECCA Cosmetica. I set aside some time in the early mornings, evenings or during commutes to go through all my subscriptions because this is where not only my inspiration for my work comes from, but it is news that I need to know. Yes! Refinery29 horoscopes are news!!!

Alright so let’s get to the juicy stuff,


  1. Keep things separate
    I have three inboxes. 1 for my uni work and subscription mail, 1 for my client work and 1 for DYNAMIQUE.
    Having this division ensures I get to work and responding as quickly as possibly, and I don’t get stuck browsing.
  2. Setting alerts and notifications
    When you have mail on your mobile devices, you don’t necessarily need alerts for all your mail.
    I have purposely only set alerts for my work and DYNAMIQUE mail. The alert comes on my lock screen, notifications centre and badges the icon.
    My subscription mail only badges the icon.
    This step is so crucial because it makes all of it keeps your inbox from becoming overwhelming. And the beauty is you can even “Off” notifications from some of your inboxes.
  3. Unclutter your subscription AKA
    unroll-me as I see it, is the tinder for subscription mail or as say the iOS app that cleans up your inbox and gives you back time with just a few swipes. 

The app is free and all you sign in with the account you want to declutter.

I have been using since December 2015. I use it with the mailbox I sign up to all subscriptions with. It is honestly one of the best apps out there. I clean out my inbox at least once a week. And since I began using it my subscription inbox has cut down from 600 emails a week to about 100 or 150.

You never know what you are signing up to when you enter your email anywhere and helps remedy everything with one simple swipe. It works almost exactly like tinder. Swipe left to “UNSUBSCRIBE”, swipe right to “KEEP” and roll up for the more important subscriptions.


At the end of your clean out, you get the stats giving a good indication of what you should be expecting in your inbox.

If you have accidentally unsubscribed from a mail you wanted to SWIPE RIGHT then it’s no biggie you can go into the log and resubscribe or keep the subscription.

It is a brilliant app, and I honestly can’t rave about it enough.

Even Paul Ramondo from Ramondo Media talked about it on his Snapchat.

The app is available on the APP store 





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4 comments on “Tinder for your inbox

  1. I’m so going to download this! My inbox is a mess.


  2. blushingkay

    Omg, this is by far one of my fav app! At one point, I kept getting randomly subscribed emails and found this online. Now – no more junk emails and yay to a clean inbox!


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