Where have I been?

Before I got back into content I wanted to use this post to roundup everything that has happened during the past couple of months 😀💃🏽


How are y’all doing? It has been a good minute since we last blogged anything on DYNAMIQUE and a good second that I have been away from our social media.

There are no excuses except that sometimes often how life unravels can be a little out of sync from your  intended schedule. As many of you would know I am in my final few semesters studying a double major in Public Relations and Web Communications and this past semester was definitely one of the hardest I have endured. But as I am always preaching over on snapchat ‘dynamiqueblog’ #HUSTLELIFE #HUSTLEISREAL #NEEVERSTOPPING … I did live up to all my HUSTLE EXPECTATIONS 😝and on Friday evening I got my results and THANK DA LAWD all the hustle paid off.

So I am reiterating here #NEVERSTOP the HUSTLE. Sometimes your heart may not be in it but if you always keep the end goal right in front of you then you will get through. I also have to give a mega shoutout to my #prqueens. I have made so many beautiful friendships this semester and without these babes, rant sessions, pizza and heels nights and pumpkin spiced latte dates would not be the same.

I did ‘kinda’ keep up with social media during semester but over the past two weeks I just had to take a minute away. To reinspire but also to catch up with myself.

Before I got back into content I wanted to use this post to roundup everything that has happened during the past couple of months 😀💃🏽

  1. Young Changemakers Panel by Murdoch University Masterclass Young Chnagemakers Panel
    I cannot tell you how incredibly honoured I was to be on this panel. To be invited along as a young entrepreneur with this array of knowledge will always be something that I will always be an awesome memory. I learnt so much this evening from my fellow panelist who even though young came with years of knowledge of business and entrepreneurial hustle.  You bet I threw in some EMPIRE references during my speech because let’s face it my “reality” of business is Cookie and Lucious running the streets 😀Young Changemakers Panel@tylerworth_ wrote a blogpost on the evening and aspects of graduating that I will be sharing soon.Murdoch University Masterclass are great networking events. They are the right balance of meeting new people while adding a new thought or perspective to your workings. Check out their Facebook page for future panels.
  2. Supporting CORD 2016
    CORD 2016
    DYNAMIQUE supported CORD once again this year. CORD raised a whopping $35K this year for the spinal injuries unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Biggest congratulations to Jos who is the visionary behind CORD and her epic team. It was such a beautiful evening at Perth City Farm filled with laughter, love, dancing and art.Check out what CORD are up to here.
  3. WOMEN IN MEDIA & Live TweetingWOMEN IN MEDIA#WIMworth by @WomeninMediaWA was quite the epic panel that I had the opportunity to attend in the last couple of months. The topics and questions for the panelists were concerned with “what women are worth?” in the  media industry, how to ask for your rights and how to collaborate and work with your male equals in the workforce.As I gained more inspiration from what the panelists were saying, my tweets did become a little more inspired I would say 😂😂WOMEN IN MEDIA 2
    I have been live tweeting on @afzaal_sameera at any panel or networking event I have attended over the last couple of months. So if you ever see I am at a panel then hope onto Twitter to check out my thoughts and relevant links.I love live tweeting it is a great way to not only keep in touch with y’all but always great to  come back to these little motivational notes I make for myself  ahahahah.Speaking of Live Tweeting, who’s up with Facebook LIVE ??? Hola at me and tell what you think. I would love to do some LIVE FACEBOOKING 😝
  4. SOTA Festival Snapchat Takeover
    Snapchat dynamiqueblog

    I did my very first SNAPCHAT TAKE OVER at this years #WADAY SOTA Fest. It was FRICKING EPIC. I was a volunteer and part of CELEBRATE WA’s ‘social media management and response team’  on the day. Which meant monitoring content coming through in all sorts of forms while also creating content for various social media.

    In the afternoon I took over SOTA’s snapchat and took their audience all over SOTA FEST. Boy oh boy! what an experience! It was my first time with an AAA (Access All Areas) and it was an unforgettable experience. I learnt so much about content creation, added hands on experience to my portfolio and learnt how to apply my vision to something other than DYNAMIQUE.

    To my fellow university peers who are in first and second year. I cannot stress enough how important it is to network and establish good relations with peers in the industry. I was able to be a part of this event because of a contact I made at PURE’s PR   a la Carte in my first year. So when lecturers stress establishing a good social media presence, maintaining a LinkedIn and connecting with professionals to be a part of the industry, it couldn’t be more true than this case right here. It is honestly as simple as saying Hello! and being a part of what happens as part of your student chapters.

    Murdoch peeps you can connect with PURE here to know what happens in the media circuit on campus. We are looking for new members so if you are interested drop us a Facebook message.

  5. Career progress #bossmoves
    Desk inpo
    Over the last couple months I have taken a few steps to become self employed. I am not going to share much on this front as yet. But this part explains a lot about where I have been. I am working with some amazing visionaries and hustlers so for now I am more than ok keeping it low key, putting my head down and working.You will definitely see a lot of this part of my life impacting how I share on DYNAMIQUE. I will finally get round to sharing tech tips because I am using new apps and technologies almost every week. And hopefully being organised in this part of my life will make me a little organised for posting on DYNAMIQUE, no promises yet but keep your fingers crossed.
  6. What is happening with DYNAMIQUE??!!??
    Well! quite a lot!!
    Even though we haven’t been posting, we have been creating in excess with some epic people. From contributor content to outfit posts and some VIDEO CONTENT too🎥🎥🎥 #saycheese  I have been working with many creatives to bring a little twist to everything we post on DYNAMIQUE. There are some cool collaborations in the works and what was originally DYNAMIQUE’s YouTube has been converted to just a channel under my name.I wanted to make the YouTube channel a space where I can create without necessarily it being for DYNAMIQUE. I can speak and cook and may be do those vlogs that the #snapchatfam has been requesting. Kinda like document what has been inspiring me or take you behind the scenes. Like snapchat blown up into video.

    There is already content on the channel from our previous collabs. New content will be out this week 😊


Ok so that is the catch up from the last couple of months and what has been happening. If I can leave you with anything is something I always say, NEVER GIVE UP. Sometimes you will be faced with decisions that are difficult at the time but they are not too thrilling for a reason. Always have that one golden dream right in front of your memory and don’t you ever forget it. Surround yourself with people who rejoice with you but also inspire you to be better and hustle harder.

See you soon & STAY DYNAMIC,


Cover photo by Andrea Lewin from @fashionaddictedpanda

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