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My UNiDAYS shopping cart!

But here's the thing once you are in with UNiDAYS, you are in. I'm talking discounts on tech and travel and all sorts of in betweens. You just have to discover the magic....

Hey y’all,

It has been a good minute,
Uni has been full on and you know what happens when procrastination kicks in, window shopping that turns in to #treatyoself life.

And with #treatyoself life we need sneaky ways to fulfil our wardrobe desires without breaking the bank. *DRUMROLL PLEASE* Introducing UNiDAYS.

a9c1b272-fe74-43a5-bf32-df4d1b39926aIf you have been reading DYNAMIQUE for a while you would have come across UNiDAYS throughout our fashion posts. Claire (our fashion contributor @claireholley1)  and I are avid users and love a good bargain.

So when UNiDAYS got in touch, I thought easy peasy why not share what I have been eyeing up online for some glam winter nights and how y’all can get CRAZY DISCOUNTS too.

But here’s the thing once you are in with UNiDAYS, you are in. I’m talking discounts on tech and travel and all sorts of in betweens. You just have to discover the magic….

So let’s get started,
Here’s how to utilise all the epicness UNiDAYS has to offer,

  1. You have to get signed up. You can sign up via our referral  link
  2. Scroll through brand offers. UNiDays have so many brands on deck from online stores like ASOS and Misguided to individual brands like MINKPINK and Lee. Fashion stores like Forever New and City Beach are on there too with many discounts. Discounts vary across service brands too like Telstra and Apple and brands that keep your tech safe like Casetify and travel deals too. Use the “SORT” tool in the banner to help you get the best of what you like.
  3. Get offers on the go (iPhone only) I am talking UNiDAYS app. I get your feels, when you really want to purchase something but just can’t bring yourself to pay the full price. So you bookmark, or add it to cart in the hopes to score a deal sometime or wait for it to go on sale. With the UNiDAYS app you get offers on the go. Knowing you having this 💥 discount power 💥 in the palm of your hands doesn’t make splurge shopping after a bad day at uni so harsh on the back account. And of course it is great to collect those 💥  in store discounts 💥 YES YOU READ RIGHT, some stores offer in store discounts #shoppingwin
  4. Shopping time. Now here’s how I shop with my UNiDAYS. I have massive ‘inspo window shopping’ splurges. Especially after I have seen something on street style websites or on celebs.Here is what I am adding to cart lately 😀 with stoppable links and all applicable to UNiDAYS discounts,

    I am OBSESSED with pink, khaki, navy and deep reds this season.

    In fact as I sit here right now writing this post I am wearing a light beige jumper with khaki trousers, navy  patent leather loafers, a camel scarf and a white trench coat.
    Yesterday I wore a Khaki parka with camel scarf, navy Academy Brand jumper (a brand that does discounts on UNiDays) with black jeans and MISO HUNGRY espadrilles.
    So yup clearly obsessed with these vibes.
    You can follow these daily fashion vibes over on my Snapchat 👻 dynamiqueblog
    Snapchat dynamiqueblog
    So I window shop and either add to cart or just make a mental note. If it is really something I want to get then I will save the link to notes or MAY BE get it straight away 😬  (after I have applied the discounts of course)
  5. Using the discounts. I usually set myself goals so I am not constantly shopping with all the amazing discounts. Often it is shopping after those post assignment #goodfeels. So when I finally check out with the goods in my cart, I head to the UNiDAYS website and search for the discount for the website I am shopping with. I enter my uni credentials and bam I have a discount code, it is really that easy.  The best moment is when you add that code and that price gets slashed #YES #PRAISE #liveforit AHAAHAHAHA! And it is ALL YOURS MWAHAHA

My fave brands to shop with UNiDAYS are Academy Brand and MINKPINK and fave websites are ASOS, The Iconic, Misguided and Boohoo. During the research for this blog post I also discovered PRETTYLITTLETHINGS and I am really excited to add some pretty pink pieces to my wardrobe from this site.

So that’s it y’all,



And be sure to connect with UNiDAYS to receive all the goodies

Twitter – @UNiDAYS_AU
Instagram – @UNiDAYS_AU
Facebook –


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