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Dressing up for weekend outings is a fun affair. You can really experiment with silhouettes or take out that new bag for a spin around town. You can try new glam techniques.

The noise of the coffee beans being ground…
That feeling of sitting down and taking a moment to rejuvenate…
That feeling of optimism about all the menu possibilities…
When you order your staple despite the menu…
The feeling of having a nonsense chat with the squad and laughing and rejoicing…
Being happy for your squad’s achievements and celebrating it over a nice meal…
And of course, the brunch outfit…

Brunch,  weekend brunch in particular is such a sacred moment for me. It is  a moment in my week of hustle where I can sit down and enjoy a meal, a nice cup of coffee and share a good laugh with my squad. I also have to give my squads a mega thanks for the inspiration to write this piece. I am thankful to have so many beautiful souls in my life that whenever I do leave any catch up, I feel inspired, motivated, happy and ready to hustle some more. Thank you y’all, I see you and I appreciate you.

I have had two really great brunch moments recently. One was during the week, a friend and I stopped over at Henry Saw in the city before we headed over to the City of Perth Public Library to study. The other usually happens every weekend at home with my mama. She cooks up a vegetarian omelette and I whip up some coffee and we enjoy it over Bollywood drama reruns. So you see brunch moments can come is all sorts of variations, the point is simply to enjoy them.

Coming back to the point of this post,


BRUNCH-OUTFIT-DYNAMIQUEBLOGBRUNCH-OUTFIT-DYNAMIQUE-BLOG-4Dressing up for weekend outings is a fun affair. You can really experiment with silhouettes or take out that new bag for a spin around town. You can try new glam techniques.

I waddle between putting together a nice outfit or playing around with my makeup. On a good day I might do both 😜

For this outfit I wanted to play around with this pink shirt and some cool statement pieces I had in my wardrobe. I love loose fitting shirts like this. They look good on my body shape and I know my little food baby will be uber comfy. I paired it with the bandana to make it a little modest as the neckline is quite deep. Threw on some standard boyfriend jeans, these ones are from and are an utter investment, they are high waisted and tighter around the ankle, just what you want in a boyfriend jean.

To finish off I threw on a bunch bracelets (mixed metals) and this PARENTAL ADVISORY bag from Colette by Colette Hayman that I hadn’t worn in almost an year.

*** Props to @rev_eller, my photographer that day who recommended the bagBRUNCH-OUTFIT-DYNAMIQUE-BLOG3Then to bring a little on trend to this outfit I popped on these tie up flats and bam all done and ready to explore for the day.

This outfit has been inspired by the Instagram feed of Song of Style, one of my favourite style bloggers. I love this combo because I can take this to a nice brunch and head to explore the city or Fremantle or art and food festivals about town. Even head to a movie may be. This is quite the versatile pick.

Remember it is about how you feel that matters, make sure what you put on has you feeling the good vibes. Nothing besides your positive steps for you matter. People around you can add to your happiness but you need to be ready to accept those blessings first. All about perspective boo.

There was a moment I got a little too excited about a Snapchat filter.BRUNCH-OUTFIT-DYNAMIQUR-BLOG-1

So there you go DYNAMICS,
Hope you didn’t get to0 badly fooled on April 1st.

Back to assignment land for me.

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Photography by Revathie Dhanabalan @rev_eller



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