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Urban Couture 2016

The entire evening was fast paced, eye catching and intriguing. Immersing your eyes into the incredibly dynamic and innovative designs.

It is an absolute wonder that worlds can be portrayed in one production.


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Light bulbs, floral walls, face paint and fashion all came together in the name of Urban Couture 2016. The Emerging and Graduate Designer showcase came to life at the top of the City of Joondulup’s Reid Promenade Multi Storey Car Park. Showcasing their creative, contemporary and experimental designs were the graduate designers from Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Central Institute of Technology and Polytechnic West.

This year Romance Was Born acted as the 2016 Urban Couture ambassador, the perfect collaboration as the brand is known for its covetable prints, hand-worked appliqué and intricate beading while the story of the creators behind the brand is similar to the showcasing graduates. In 2005 the designers of Romance Was Born, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales came together after finishing fashion school.

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The entire evening was fast paced, eye catching and intriguing. Immersing your eyes into the incredibly dynamic and innovative designs. Key trends seen from the designers include shapeless shifts and layers, heavy and bulky knits, sports lux, back to basics and floaty floor length skirts and dresses. Key colours where black, white, grey and neutrals with pops of orange, pink, red and rust.

The show started off with Elle Campbell who electrified the runway with bold colours, fringe and embroidery details. Base by Ben was next who captured basic street style with an edge creating statement basics for any wardrobe. Rebecca Grime stole the show with two pieces of eye catching thick knitwear contrasting a winters grey and emerald green. Sports lux was a running theme through the Tamara Loo collection. Where as Lauren Willems used artistic and raw prints of scribble within the collection focusing on black and white. Courtney Makins highlighted shift styles with structured collars and soft greys and creams. Wrapping up the showcase was Shannon Malone who included the rich colour rust which is a key trend this autumn/winter. This collection also included my favourite piece from the entire evening which was a true white tailored pant with structured and boned point pockets that added shape and dimension to the entire outfit and collection.

More images of URBAN COUTURE 2016: Designer Showcase here 

Overall the atmosphere, production and showcases were an exciting insight into fresh and raw West Australian talent. Urban Couture provides exciting events and opportunities to  the Perth fashion and arts calendar allowing emerging designers to express their creativity. Be sure to mark this in your calendars as the events continue to become even more spectacular every year.



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