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Becoming Instagram Famous #LAPTOPCLUB w/ @themodefiles

The perfect chance to hang out with some awesome people, create and explore your city.

Laptop Club is a concept I first came across on FunForLouis. Louis Cole (FunForLouis) is a British travel vlogger who refers to his work sessions with his fellow YouTube mates as “Laptop Club”. In his videos “Laptop Club” essentially seems to bring a bunch of creatives together to collaborate and share ideas on projects over coffee catchups. I have since come across this concept from several daily vloggers on YouTube. I think it’s epic.

I thought it is a brilliant way of thinking of new ideas, aiding each other out, sharing skills and creating new styles of content. It gives you a great chance to explore your city, finding places with Wi-Fi, delicious food to accompany the creativity and may be some spots to photograph your content. It also gives you the perfect chance to hang out with some awesome people.

At uni we unconsciously have Laptop Club all the time, us Public Relations (PR) kids like to get excited about ideas. Laptop Club at uni always leaves me feeling inspired and motivated to keep hustling so I thought why not bring this into my blog life. It gives me the perfect chance to collaborate with some epic creatives, to learn and share some skills, have a coffee, create some content and have fun.


This week I caught up with Emile from @themodefiles

Emile and I met in Year 12 on a drama excursion in Melbourne. He has just come onto the Perth blogging scene and is already killing the game with his take on Men’s Personal Style & Living @themodefiles way

We hung out at Perth’s newest addition, City of Perth Library at Cathedral Square and photographed some pictures around COMO Treasury and all the delights it has to offer.

On The Attic level of the City of Perth Library you can request a private meeting suite. The rooms were incredible, complete with tech outlets to get your work from your laptops to the large screen and amazing views of Hay and Barrack Street. Emile taught me some Photoshop basics and I clued him in on some SEO and Google Strategy for blogs.

The title of this post is a little ‘misleading’ but these skills we share down below will help you understand my title a little better.

Here is some of the product of what we initially shot and the post Photoshop edits.

This was photographed underneath the COMO by Clean Slate and COMO Shamabhala. This was a simple edit of exposure/ brightness/ contrast and shadow. The edit brings out more of the outfit details.

This is a simple close up on St. Georges Terrace side of The Como Treasury. Small editing here with the brightness and temperature. This is where much of our talks about whether apps like Facetune and VSCO would have been easier to use and perhaps much more effective.

On the stairs down to Clean Slate underneath COMO. We brightened it up a little and used clarity to bring out the outfit details. If I was going to post this straight to Instagram from the original I would probably just work on the shadow in Instagram editing. It was a great picture on its own. The backdrops around the COMO Treasury are absolutely marvellous.

Photographed at Long Chim within COMO. Long Chim has one of the most breathtaking courtyards, definitely one to check out, it is sexy, cool and has some amazing vibes. The LA vibes are in full flow through this space. Probably one of the more drastic edits. This was one I did on my own after Emile had bestowed his knowledge onto me. ย I played around with brightness and used the paint tool on the wall. As you can see the original was quite blue so I played around with temperature too. ย It’s a cool edit and if toned down just a little on the backdrop then it would definitely be Insta worthy.

So there you go DYNAMICS, this is my first edition of ‘Laptop Club’. Biggest thanks to Emile for a great afternoon of fun and creating. I learned so much and this was a brilliant way to explore new additions to the city as well as share some skills. Make sure you check out @themodefiles

If you try Laptop Club in your circles then make sure you let us know on our socials.
Tell us what part of your city you are exploring or send us a cool snap of your squad and what you are creating.


Stay Dynamic,

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