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16 LOCATIONS, 1 WEEKEND with Littlek

Snorkelling, wine, sand dunes and adventure world



During the summer I was supposed to be photographing at the Southbound Festival held annually in Busselton. We were all packed up, my cameras charged and ready to go when we got the news that Southbound had been canceled due to the horrific fires down south. I had a British friend, Sarah that I met in America last year that had flown over to come to the festival with me. As we sat on the floor of the garage in shock of the news of both the fires and the cancellation of Southbound, so many thoughts were running through my head. We now had four free days, in Perth. Which slightly terrified me but I wanted to show Sarah the best of my lovely home city Perth, within our student/traveler budgets. So this is what we did.

Day 1- Friday

Luckily, my family had a few sets of snorkels, goggles and flippers so we packed those into the car and drove up to Marimon Beach where we found beaches that literally looked like Rotto. We snorkelled around and then made the short car trip to Bennion Beach (Which I’m pretty sure is where Mettams Pool is- even though we saw no signage for it) where we snorkelled some more. There were so many fish and the water was so clear.  A summer storm rolled over as we were driving to Cottesloe, which slowed our plans a little. Instead we got ice cream in Cottesloe before making our way to Fremantle. We explored the Fremantle Markets (As a Freo local the markets never get boring) and brought some fresh fruit to snack on in the afternoon while Perth acted like Perth weather wise. That evening we got fish and chips and sat on South Beach while we watched the sun go down. Sarah even managed to order some mushy peas which we all tried with varied reactions.


  • Wear Sunscreen
  • You can buy a snorkel kit for between $15-$30 if you don’t own one or you can easily hire a kit
  • If you want to go snorkeling south of the river try Point Peron and Coogee Marina. There is even a cool mini shipwreck (Omeo) at the Coogee Marina. It’s super close to the shore and super easy to snorkel on
  • Don’t dismiss the Fremantle Markets. They’re some real gems in there such as the donut (froth) stand, the hangover cure juice (Instagram watch the f out) stall, the amazing soap shop and also the soy candles in there are to die for
  • On weekends there are also usually always buskers outside the Fremantle Markets which is always entertaining to say the least

Day 2- Saturday

When Sarah and I were in America we went sand boarding on the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and it was one of our favourite experiences. We decided to take the one and a half hour drive up to Lancelin and give the sand dunes a go there. When we arrived we hired a sand board from the service station. If I were do this trip again I would recommend hiring a sand board with foot straps- makes life a lot easier. The dunes were so beautiful and white. We spent about an hour and a half sand boarding then went for a quick swim before ANOTHER SUMMER STORM rolled over and we decided it was probably time to head back to Perth. We stopped at a local fruit store on the way home and picked up some healthy and super fresh snacks before enjoying the drive home. That evening we rode some bikes into Fremantle, passing the South Beach Markets on our way. We ended up on the Ferris wheel and then getting some tutti frutti before riding back home.


  • So many stores in Lancelin offer the opportunity to hire sand boards and they’re mostly all around the same price to hire. Don’t hire a sand board without foot straps or else you’re pretty much hiring a piece of wood. The foot straps make the world of difference
  • Sandboards should cost you an average of $20 for two hours or about $50 for an entire day. Prices will vary slightly depending on where you hire them from
  • The Lancelin Bakery is incredible. They do the best handmade pies and sandwiches and I would highly recommend getting lunch there!
  • The South Beach Markets usually happen every Saturday afternoon/evening over summer and there are so many food and dessert stands. Food bloggers dream

Day 3- Sunday

We were quickly running out of ideas of things to do when I remembered that the Swan Valley existed. Mind blown. So I volunteered as skipper and we drove out there and took the self guided drive tour. We stopped at so many wineries, breweries, cheese factories, chocolate factories, ice creameries, places that sold fresh honey, fruits and nuts. Everything was open on Sunday which was fantastically helpful.


  • Make your first stop at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre and pick up the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail map. This map is fantastic and has some great suggestions on it. Or if you’re super organised you can print one online which can be found here 
  • Free Tastings- pretty much all the places that offer free tastings will have a sign along the trail road advertising it which makes life really easy
  • Stay hydrated during the day by drinking lots of water
  • The Ugly Duckling is an awesome place for lunch. They do the most incredible tasting plates are you won’t even want to touch because they look like a piece of art.

Day 4- Monday

Sarah had to fly out at Monday night so we didn’t want to do anything to do hectic. So we went to Adventure World, during the school holidays… for the entire day. With this said- it was fantastic. I hadn’t been to Adventure World for 6 years and so much has changed. We found a coupon in the Hello Perth tourist book (lol laugh all you want but it was helpful af) and ended up getting a pass for $42 each. We got there at about 11am and stayed until 6.30pm (It closes at 7pm throughout January). It was SUPER busy in the morning and we spent a lot of time standing in lines, but it was kinda nice to just stand and chat and not be looking at our phones every 00.2 seconds (me mostly). After about 4pm the lines were ridiculously shorter and we didn’t have to wait very long at all. Adventure world is just so great and underrated. I would recommend packing a picnic lunch and hiring a locker for the day to put your phone/wallet in to keep it safe. Also they make the most incredible donuts I have had in my life. If picnic lunch sounds like too much effort you can also buy food from Adventure World- they have a huge range of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and rolls, sushi and chips etc.


  • You need enclosed shoes to ride on the go-karts- so if that’s something you want to do don’t forgot to bring a pair of enclosed shoes.
  • Adventure World charges $57 for an Adult Pass and $52 for a Student Pass. Have a look online or in tourist booklets for coupons and it’ll make the day a whole lot cheaper.
  • Hire a locker for the day, $8 for unlimited all day use- put your phone, wallet etc in the locker to keep it safe. Everything else we took with us we just left on the grass and no one touched it because I guess no one wants to steal a box of $2 cheezels
  • The best time to go to Adventure world is when school returns because it’ll be so quiet (which means no lines) and it’ll be lovely warm weather still. For most schools Term 1 Starts on February the 1st


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  1. wow, sand looks beautiful


  2. Had so much fun!


  3. Wow you did sandboarding in Lancelin and then cycling in Fremantle in the sane day! I haven’t been to Adventure since school and I keep hearing its pretty good these days.

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